Hey folks!  LOTS has been going on since my last post in winter.  I got to go to the Dominican for a week with my rocker pals Romeo Sex Fighter. We played a gig but mostly just had fun, drank, ate and hung out at the pool/beach - it was a friggin hoot! Huge thanks to our friend Kathy from Sun Life. :)  Then a couple weeks later I went to Japan with my mom for two weeks to visit my bro and his beautiful family and see the country. I had been wanting to visit him for almost ten years! There isn't enough time or room in this post to describe how incredible it was. I took tons of pictures, ate the best food of my life and saw so many wonderful things. This trip changed me forever.
In between the travelling I did a sweet lil tour with Roxanne Potvin (check out her new record "For Dreaming") and some shows Melissa Bel and Matt Weidinger.

I just updated my GIGS page with all of my summer dates, they include lots of festivals with the wonderful Dione Taylor and some with Peter Katz and Mike Todd. Gonna be a fun summer!

Anyhoo, here's a pic of me and my mom beside me in Japan. Maybe I'll post some more pics from Japan.